Code of conduct

The organisers are committed to providing a lively, diverse, and respectful scientific conference for all participants. This conference brings together diverse groups and perspectives for a three-day technical exchange on the topic of detection methods for genetically modified organisms including organisms produced using new genomic techniques. We recognise that the topic is currently generating political discussion. However, this conference is intended to serve professional and scientific exchange without being influenced by it.

In order to provide a professional conference experience for all participants, the organisers will not tolerate harassment of participants in any form at the conference venue, whether in a formal or informal setting. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of social media.

This Code of Conduct is not intended to limit responsible and respectful professional discourse and debate. Especially in light of the international nature of this conference, participants are asked to make discussions as open and inclusive as possible, to be aware of how language or images might be perceived by others, and to refrain from political statements in all contributions, including posters and talks.

If you are being harassed, if you notice that someone is being harassed, or if you have any other concerns about inappropriate behaviour, please contact the organisers' staff immediately.