19.11.2018: 9th BfR User Conference Product Notifications


9th BfR User Conference Product Notifications


The 9th BfR User Conference on Product Notifications addresses to representatives of industry but also to representatives of the competent federal authorities as well as national and European poisons centres.

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On 19 November 2018, the 9th BfR User Conference will take place in the lecture hall at the BfR in Berlin-Marienfelde. The Conference will focus upon the implementation of the European harmonised notification obligations for products according to the new Annex VIII to the CLP regulation.

The new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, entered into force by Regulation (EU) 2017/542 last year, comprises a harmonised notification format for the submission of information on hazardous mixtures to the appointed bodies of the EU member states. The format will harmonise notifications, regarding both content and technical format, within the EU member states in a legally binding way and will come into force in a stepwise approach starting on EU level in 2020. The novel notification format is supposed to be implemented for national notifications in Germany already next year. It will result in altered notification requirements. Coincidently, the number of submissions will significantly increase as the national transitional provisions will expire stepwise from 2020. The BfR would like to inform on these imminent changes of legislative, contentual or technical kind and would like to discuss the challenges associated with this process with all involved parties.

Programme details 

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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Event date 19.11.2018
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