13.09.2018: 9th Berlin Workshop on Developmental Toxicology

13. – 14.09.2018

9th Berlin Workshop on Developmental Toxicology


satellite event to the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Teratology Society



The presentation slides can be found at the bottom of this page.




Subsequent to the 46th Annual Meeting of the European Teratology Society the BfR invites the experts to discuss the classification of findings in Version 2 terminology (published by the official journals of the European, American and Japanese Teratology Societies) to improve the classification of findings and laboratory investigations.

The main goal of the 9th Berlin Workshop on DevTox Terminology is to evaluate external, visceral, skeletal and materno-fetal anomalies which can be classified either a malformation, a variation or a grey-zone anomaly according to their severity, size, persistance and grading.

The topics are grouped in three different main panels:

  • The final update of the DevTox database
  • A consideration of specific aspects in regulatory risk assessment
  • The discussion of alternative strategies in testing developmental effects

During the 1st day of the Symposium (September 13, 2018) different aspects of developmental anomalies in laboratory animals compared to the updated devtox website will be discussed. Risk and hazard assessment in developmental toxicology will be presented and discussed in the second session with invited and interested experts.

During the 2nd day (September 14, 2018) International experts will present their views on alternative species in testing of developmental effects and methodology for the future.

The workshop addresses risk assessors, risk managers and stakeholders in order to support the progress towards a harmonised human health risk assessment of plant protection products, biocidal products and other chemicals.

The conference language will be English. More information will be presented on the DevTox Website. A Report of the Workshop will be published in a peer reviewed journal.



Presentation slides from 13.09.2018

Session: Terminology in Developmental Toxicology

Rupert Kellner, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM)
Update of new images and categorisation in the DevTox database

Weihua Li, Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research
Chinese version of the DevTox data base and atlas of common malformations

Michio Fujiwara, Astellas Pharma Inc.
Japanese version of the terminology and the atlas of developmental abnormalities in laboratory species

Ibrahim Chahoud, Charité
Evaluation of postnatal anomalies

Makiko Kuwagata, Hatano Research Institute
Research on the mechanism of thoracolumbar supernumerary rib development after birth using CT scanning

Session: Risk and hazard assessment in developmental toxicology

Roland Solecki, BfR
Regulatory aspects of developmental toxicology and endocrine effects

Alberto Mantovani, Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)
Classification of developmental toxic pesticides and negligible exposure

Steffen Schneider, BASF SE
Classification of developmentally toxic pesticides, low dose effects, mixtures – perspective of the industry

Kohei Shiota, Shiga University
Human Data for assessment of Developmental Effects

Presentation slides from 14.09.2018

Session: Alternative species in testing of developmental effects

Jingying Hu, Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research
Zebrafish in developmental toxicity study

Francisco Paumgartten, Fiocruz
Developmental toxicity assays with freshwater snails

Session: Methodology for the future

Nicole Kleinstreuer, National Toxicology Program
Computational tools and alternative methods in developmental toxicology

Marlon Schneider, BfR
Improved embryoid bodies for studying development, embryotoxicity, and placental function in vitro

Frank Schulze, BfR
Models used to detect skeletal anomalies: applications, limitations and future perspectives

Susan Makris, US EPA
TOX 21 Developmental toxicology

Ibrahim Chahoud, Charité
Concluding remarks on Berlin Workshops on Developmental Toxicology

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