18.11.2021: Challenges in Public Health Protection in the 21st Century: 2nd International Conference on Tattoo Safety

18. – 19.11.2021

Challenges in Public Health Protection in the 21st Century: 2nd International Conference on Tattoo Safety

The 2nd International Conference on Tattoo Safety will be organised in frame of the larger BfR event dedicated to Challenges in Public Health Protection in the 21st Century, which also covers the BfR-Symposium “New Methods, Omics and Novel Concepts in Toxicology – Current Application and future Directions” on 15 – 17 November 2021.

The presentations and livestream recordings can be found further down on this website.



The 2nd International Conference on Tattoo Safety at the Berlin Museum of Natural History brings together experts in the fields of toxicology, legislation and manufacturing. The major aim is to communicate the inevitable requirements for a comprehensive evaluation of risks associated with the injection of tattoo inks into human skin. The prevalence of the tattooed population in Europe rises continuously, and so does the diversity of used inks. The expected entry into force of the European harmonised restrictions of substances used in tattoo inks and permanent make-up (PMU) spreads a new light on consumer safety. While progress is made with regard to the identification of health risks associated with tattoos, many adverse conditions such as systemic sensitisation or toxicity of degradation products remain unresolved.


Livestream recordings of the conference can be found here

Presentation Slides from 18.11.2021

Professor Dr Dr Andreas Luch, BfR
Introduction and objective of the conference

Dr Ole Wittmann, Institut für deutsche Tattoo-Geschichte e.V.
Art at your own risk: About tattoos and their removal by Christian Warlich

Professor Dr Wolfgang Bäumler, University Hospital Regensburg
Tattoo pigments in skin and body, transportation processes boosted by laser light and UV radiation

Dr Nicolas Kluger, MD, Helsinki University Hospital
Tattoos and cancer: where are we in 2021?

Dr Milena Förster, International Agency for Research on Cancer
The evolving topic of tattoos in cancer epidemiology and why studies should be prospective

Dr Ines Schreiver, BfR
Gaining in vitro and human data on tattoo ink toxicology

Dr Linda Katz, MD, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Tattoo Pigments and Inks: Regulation and Challenges, U.S. FDA Perspective

Dr Ana Maria Blass Rico, European Commission
EU Regulation on substances in tattoo inks and permanent make-up: Chances and challenges

Dr Franz Fiala, Consumer Council
The REACH restriction on substances in tattoo inks or permanent make-up: Reflections from a consumer representative

Dr Peter Laux, Dr Michael Giulbudagian, BfR
Requirements for the risk assessment of tattoo inks: chances and challenges

Presentations Slides from 19.11.2021

Dr Urs Hauri, Kanton Basel-Stadt, Kantonales Laboratorium
Semi-quantitative analysis of organic pigments in tattoo inks with HPLC

Dr Beatrice Bocca, Beatrice Battistini, Italian National Institute of Health (ISS)
Analytical methods and results on metallic contamination, including nanoparticles, in tattoo inks purchased in Italy

Dr Marco Famele, Italian National Institute of Health (ISS)
Preservatives in tattoo and PMU inks in the frame of REACH regulation: results of an Italian study

Veit Houben, CTL GmbH Chemical-technological laboratory
Industry meets authority: Different perspective, common goal

Dr Katarzyna Karpienko, Gdańsk University of Technology
Raman spectroscopy in the measurement of tattoo inks - opportunities and challenges

Dr Corinna Brungs, Carina Wolf, University of Münster, Germany

Dr Olaf Seidel, edding TATTOO
Optimise Consumer Safety on All Stages of the Tattooing Process

Dr Mark Benecke, Pro Tattoo e. V.
Tattoo colours: don't overcolour

Ralf Michel, Tattoo ink manufacturers of Europe
REACH – tattoo industry shutdown 2022: consequences for manufacturers and importers