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  1. 19. – 21.04.2023 Forum for the Public Health Service 2022

    Sku: oegd2023

    The Federal Institutes present work results, research and current topics from their respective areas of responsibility: the German Federal Environment Agency on environment-related health risks, the Robert Koch Institute on public health, infections and hygiene and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on the safety of food and consumer-related products.

    The conference language is German. There will be no translation.
    Please visit our German website for further information regarding the event.

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  2. 26.06.-07.07.2023 11th BfR-Summer Academy 2023

    Sku: BSA2023

    The 11th BfR-Summer Academy 2023 is a professional expert training course on risk assessment and risk communication in the area of food safety.

    Please apply until 19 March 2023 here.


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3 Item(s)