08.11.2022: 2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue "Trust during a crisis"


2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue "Trust during a crisis"

"Trust during a crisis" is the highly topical issue that the 2nd BfR Knowledge Dialogue will address on 8th November 2022 at the Magnus-Haus in Berlin.


The presentations can be found further down on this website. The livestream recordings will follow soon.


Trust influences all social interaction and yet is so difficult to grasp. Those who trust find themselves in a state between knowing and not knowing and possibly make themselves vulnerable.

However, trust can also be rewarded and lead to more intensive relationships and better success.

Prof. Dr Timm Teubner, Prof. Dr Michael Siegrist, Ricarda Ziegler and Prof. Dr Lisbet Fjæran will discuss trust - not only in times of Covid-19, war and climate change. The event will be moderated by Eva Wolfangel.

Ricarda Ziegler, Wissenschaft im Dialog, Berlin
On trust in science in Germany - findings from the (population-representative) Science barometer science survey (German)

Prof. Dr Lisbet Fjæran, University of Stavanger, Norway
Conditions for critical trust

Prof. Dr Michael Siegrist, ETH Zürich
Trust: Opium for the People or Grease for Society? (German)

The BfR Knowledge Dialogue is part of the Berlin Science Week 2022.

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