01.06.2023: 4th Zoom on Griffith's legacy

01.– 02.06.2023

4th Zoom on Griffith's legacy

We are delighted to announce the 4th edition of Zoom on Griffith's Legacy online conference. The topics will include:
- Molecular mechanisms of DNA uptake and recombination
- Competence regulation
- The role of transformation in chromosome dynamics and bacterial fitness
General topics about horizontal gene transfer
Methods development



Natural transformation, the capacity to take up external DNA and integrate new genetic features, is a common (if not universal) mechanism of horizontal genetic exchange in bacteria. This conference includes the updates of Griffith's work from the 1920s to the most recent results from many other bacterial species. We thank the presenting labs, who will communicate the properties and mechanism of natural genetic transformation on different scales, from molecular to population levels.

The spirit of Zoom on Griffith’s Legacy is to call for an update of scientific exchange within the international community studying bacterial transformation and to stimulate collaboration between the labs.

We are looking forward to seeing you there,

Kerstin Stingl and Hank Seifert




Hank Steven Seifert
Department of Microbiology-Immunology
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kerstin Stingl
Department of Biological Safety
German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Berlin, Germany

List of Presenting Labs

  • Juan C. Alonso (Madrid, Spain)
  • Briana Burton (Madison, WI, USA)
  • Stéphanie Bedhomme (Montpellier, France)
  • Nicholas Croucher (London, UK)
  • Ankur Dalia (Bloomington, IN, USA)
  • Peter Graumann (Marburg, Germany)
  • Michael Federle (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Darryl Hill (Bristol, UK)
  • Manuela Hospenthal (Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Daniel Lopez (Madrid, Spain)
  • Berenike Maier (Köln, Germany)
  • Josh Mell (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
  • Nicolas Mirouze (Paris, France)
  • Anna Pawlik (Wroclaw, Poland)
  • Patrice Polard (Toulouse, France)
  • Pablo Radicella (Paris, France)
  • Eduardo Rocha (Paris, France)
  • Hank S. Seifert (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Kerstin Stingl (Berlin, Germany)
  • B Thuronyi (Williamstown, MA, USA)
  • Ophelia Venturelli (Madison, WI, USA)
  • Xavier Charpentier (Villeurbanne, France)