23.08.2018: REACH Compliance – Workshop on data quality in registration dossiers

23. – 24.08.2018

REACH Compliance – Workshop on data quality in registration dossiers


The workshop focuses on the results of the REACH Compliance Project which revealed data gaps and deficient data quality in REACH registrations.

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REACH, Europe’s overarching chemicals regulation, has an impact on a wide range of other EU regulations, e.g. classification and labelling, consumer product and toy safety, RoHS, food contact materials, construction products, workers safety, waste and water legislations. The REACH Compliance Project is a joint project of the BfR and UBA and investigates human health and environmental data availability in REACH registrations of chemicals above the production volume of 100 tonnes per year. Further information is available from ECHA and UBA.

The major aim of this workshop is to promote the dialogue among REACH stakeholders and to support registrants with recommendations for improvements. We invite all stakeholders interested in the data quality of REACH registrations to participate.

BfR – German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
UBA – German Environment Agency
ECHA – European Chemicals Agency, Finland

Programme details

Presentation slides from 23.08.2018

Session 1: Welcome & introduction

Jörg Lebsanft, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Workshop REACH compliance - Introduction

Leena Ylä-Mononen, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
ECHA’s results on data quality in REACH

Andrej Kobe, European Commission
Setting priorities and processes at EU level to adress dossier compliance

Session 2: REACH Compliance project “Availability of health and environmental data for high tonnage chemicals under REACH”

Agnes Schulte, BfR
REACH Compliance Project “Availability of Health and Environmental Data for High Tonnage Chemicals under REACH” - Introduction to the project

Anika Brüning, BfR
Data quality of human health data in registrations

Angelika Oertel, BfR
Data quality of environmental endpoints in registrations

Presentation slides from 24.08.2018

Session 3: Data quality in REACH registrations

Lars Tietjen, German Environment Agency
The importance of REACH registration data for authorities

Nicoletta Godas, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
From registration dossier via safety data sheet to workplace risk assessment - Aim and first results on REACH2SDS

Dolores Romano, European Environmental Bureau
No data, no market?

Erwin Annys, European Chemical Industry Council
REACH compliance with REACH requirements - The registrant's perspective

Session 4: Regulatory challenges after the registration deadline in 2018

Hannu Braunschweiler, ECHA
Registration post 2018 - Dossier updates

Ofelia Bercaru, ECHA
Evaluation post 2018 - Changes in the evaluation processes to further improve compliance

Leeny Ylä-Mononen, ECHA
Meeting 2020 WSSD targets - Advance in ECHA regulatory strategy

Andreas Luch, BfR
Concluding remarks and closing

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Event date 23. – 24.08.2018
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