18.11.2019: 10th BfR User Conference Product Notifications


10th BfR User Conference Product Notifications

The 10th BfR User Conference on Product Notifications addresses to representatives of industry but also to representatives of the competent federal authorities as well as national and European poisons centres.


The presentations and the livestream recordings can be found at the bottom of this page.


The implementation of the new, harmonised notification obligations according to Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation is imminent. At the same time, substantive changes to Annex VIII are in preparation, also in the context of the EU Feasibility Study for mixtures of certain industrial sectors, where the current regulations of Annex VIII are difficult to apply.
Since the end of April of this year, the notification can already be made in the new format via the ECHA reporting portal to the BfR.

The BfR would like to inform about these and other changes and the associated challenges and exchange views with the actors involved.


Presentations from 18.11.2019

Dr. Jukka Malm, ECHA, Helsinki
ECHA update

Kathrin Begemann, BfR

Dr. Andreas Stürer, Giftinformationszentrum, Mainz
Produktmeldungen aus Sicht des Giftinformationszentrums Mainz

Dr. Edel Duggan, National Poisons Information Centre, Dublin
Product Notification according to Article 45 Classification Labelling and Packaging in Ireland

Daniele Ape, ECHA, Helsinki
Annex VIII to CLP and the ECHA Submission Portal

Kathrin Begemann, BfR
Ergebnisse der EU-Machbarkeitsstudie

Dr. Christoph Möhring
Datensicherheit am BfR

Dr. Ronald Keipert und Esther Feistkorn, BfR
FAQs zu Produktmeldungen

Livestream recordings